Monday, June 17, 2013

Black & White.

Humidity hair. Fan-tastic. Thank you, Florida.

Oh man. Guess what?

I finally committed to buying a camera. A real camera. I've been longing to buy one for a while now, especially when the photo count on my iPhone hit 6,000 a couple of weeks back. I figured it would be a smart move since there's only a matter of time until my phone implodes. On top of that, I'll also be travelling to Europe in August and I want to actually take decent pictures/document my trip. No longer will I have to feel contrite about forgetting a camera when standing on the cliffs of Moher, Ireland with my favorite cousins, wearing my Marc Jacobs rain boots. Can't wait!

I basically spent the majority of today playing around with the settings and using my cats as test models. I live a compelling life, I know, I know.

But look at Robin. Just look at her stupid little cute face.

Can I Eskimo kiss you please??


  1. What camera did you end up getting?!

    1. I ended up getting the Canon powershot sx260! I am in love <3___<3

  2. Ahhh i can't wait to see your wee face later this year.