Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I Am Dracula.

I'm on a strange sleeping schedule at the moment, where I only manage to sleep for three hours and then stay up for the remainder of the night. I try just about anything & everything to make myself sleepy enough to go back to bed but evidently, it's useless. Instead, I find myself watching movies my parents recorded on tv, harassing my cats, reading old magazines and brewing coffee until my favorite morning news shows start (Morning Joe, yo. If you get up between 6-9 am, watch it on MSNBC. Always great discussions about the latest headlines. Also, Mika is my main bitch.). Insomnia is a total inconvenience however, it does gives me a chance to check out new music/bands on Spotify. I'm all about making playlists; actually, I think I reserve the right to call myself Queen of music playlists. Take a look at my Spotify profile if you don't believe me. I have a playlist for every damn month! Ow ow! Anyways, I made one for summer too. Check it out below! Tons of feel good vibes.

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