Wednesday, June 19, 2013


     The past 24 hours have been quite possibly the laziest hours of my life. No, seriously. The laziest. Instead of enjoying the beautiful sunny weather on a beach like most south Floridians, I stayed inside all day and watched movies on my remarkably cozy couch. All daunting tasks, such as leaving the house to pick up iced coffees from Dunkin' Deez & getting 'buy one, get one free' cheeseburgers at Mac Daddiez, were more strenuous than usual. That as it may, my good pal, Maysa, accompanied me throughout all missions (and also inhabited the couch parallel to mine during our super movie marathon).

     I love a good lazy day -and I'd say today's was more successful than most - but having more than one every other week, can make me feel lousy. That's a pretty logical declaration, I know, but I'm typing it out for my own sake. I need to get back on track with goals I've made and continue with plans that have been on hiatus since coming back to Florida. 

     On another note, the title of this post was inspired by a song that I've had on repeat since my summer began. Skeletons by Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr is the perfect tune to accommodate a relaxing morning on a porch with your favorite cup of coffee (which has basically been my mantra every day ever since I discovered the built in speakers on my backyard porch. Thanks for the heads up, Mom & Dad!).

Denny's Diner. June, 2013. 

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