Friday, June 14, 2013


     I woke up this morning - specifically 3:46am, this morning - with an incredibly annoying twitch in my fingers. It took me a while to realize that I had woken up with a sudden need to draw. My abrupt awakening was more likely caused by my lack of sleeping ability, but I really did feel the urge to draw something. Like, as soon as possible. 

     While the coffee brewed, I dug out my old Bamboo tablet & pen from the back of my closet and began doodling on photoshop just to re-familiarize myself with the whole technical aspect of drawing; as much as I love the cleaner & pristine detail of drawing into the computer, I will always prefer the traditional way of how I create artwork.

Naeem Khan Resort 2014 x unnecessary doodles.
     Anyway, I decidedly doodled around Naeem Khan's 2014 Resort collection because I am just absolutely in love with every single piece he designed. The whole collection is covered in baroque embroidery, accompanied with a subtle hint of deco-inspired prints and feathered skirts, which I seriously die over. I kinda always freak out when a designer incorporates feathers into their collections. Big feather fanatic over here. See also: Ann Demeulemeester Fall RTW 2010 (RIP Keira Crowther, amirite?).

When you get the chance, peep the rest of Naeem Khan's Resort collection. It is utterly delightful. 

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