Monday, July 15, 2013

Girl talk.

Finally, a real makeup post from yours truly. In my opinion, makeup equals playtime. Just twenty minutes of straight playtime. If it were up to me, I could play with my makeup & hair products for hours. I frequent my local Sephora more than I attend the Whole Foods down the road (which is a big statement, because I'm there all the time). I live for arbitrary visits to CVS & Target just to test and 'window shop' even though I always leave with new things because those damn brands know how to market to a gal like me. Now, that I've addressed my apparent problem, I'd like to share what I use on a daily basis! Prepare yourself; this post is image heavy. 


So hey, hi, I'm a big MAC fan over here. Especially for their foundation. I've recently become obsessed with their matchmaster foundation because it's light and lasts forever. After I put concealer, primer, & foundation on my face, I like to brush over a light layer of powder for a matte finish. The tarte cheek stain is a new investment from Sephora and I've been pretty pleased with the results so far. It's not too drastic & blends nicely. 


Rarely do I brave eyeshadow. I get major paranoia over uneven blending on my eyelids or creating  noticeable creases from blinking profusely towards that hot guy sitting at the bar in an attempt of acting seductive (sike). With that being said, Urban Decay's prime potion really helps cleaning that shit up. If I'm putting on eyeshadow, it's almost always going to be a smokey eye and I'm able to achieve that with the two palettes pictured above. The Black collection palette (far right) is a personal favorite. 

I don't fuck around when I get to the eyeliner & mascara stage of my process. It is everything and if you ask me, it can mess up your whole look if it doesn't come out nice & sharp. I use two types of eyeliner from MAC: the first one is for the bottom lashes, the second for the eyelid. I will never stop preaching about the penultimate eyeliner. I’ve been using this for the past five years and it has never let me down. The fact that it comes in the form of a pen really helps create the dramatic cat eye if that’s the kinda look you’re into (which in my case, is almost every day).

As for the Mascara, I'm in love with Maybelline's new Falsies big eyes! It makes my eyelashes touch the roof, to be honest. I also have a mascara from Elizabeth Arden that is absolutely amazing. I stole it from my mom's makeup drawer when she wasn't looking. Mom if you're reading this, I'm sorry & you're missing out. 

NEXT? Eyebrows. So check it. I've never plucked/threaded/waxed my eyebrows ever. Seriously. It's not because I have perfect eyebrows (because L O L, certainly not), but it's because I find it painful to pluck or thread my eyebrows. I know. I'm such a sissy. Luckily for me, Anastasia came to the rescue. Anastasia is a specific eyebrow brand at Sephora that I've become utterly obsessed with. I use their tinted eyebrow gel to help shape & darken these caterpillar beauts. They have all kinds of cool stuff for your eyebrows (which is crazy because who would have thought you could create a whole business off of just eyebrow products) so the next time you accidentally stumble into a Sephora, check them out! 

I keep it relatively tradish' when it comes to lip colors. Mostly because my eye makeup is pretty dramatic but also because my complexion is so fair that I look like a damn monster attempting drag when I explore any other color that isn't a pale pink or red.

I am in love with Palmer's night renewal cream. It's fairly priced and smells like magic (Cocoa butter is a dreeeeeam). It also makes you feel like a damn goddess when you wake up the following morning. Definitely a good investment if you're looking for a new facial cream. 

I never did anything with my hair before I dyed it black. I washed it with shampoo and called it a day. Dassit. After I dyed it however, I changed my hair regime by a lot. Now I'm obsessed with hair products - almost as obsessed as I am with Cat Cudi & bagels. Here's a line up of products I've been using to tame the mane as of late. I'm all about volume and a matte finish. I don't like when my hair is too shiny so I always turn to the surf spray and surfer hair putty from Fructis Style. Garnier have amazing styling products. I can't believe how long it has taken me to realize that. The moroccan argan oil (far right) is a recent obsession and was given to me from dear old mum. It really keeps the hair looking healthy. It's definitely another great investment. 

And that's my regime. Fun? Yes. Great results? Absolutely. Expensive? Maybe...


If you have any suggestions to add, feel free to do so in the comments below. I'm always searching for new products to try.

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  1. I have mad curly hair and I'm obsessed with the Garnier curl sculpting cream. I also use Morrocan Oil and other stuff from that same brand for shampoo/conditioner. Works great! I seriously could not live without products for my hair because it's majorly thick and curly - so plenty of support for those two products!