Friday, January 24, 2014

Rambling Never Looked So Good.

Atlanta > Miami > Paris > London > Dublin > Miami > Atlanta > New York City


SoOo, it's been forever. An eternity. When I first started this blog, I was convinced I was going to successfully update it weekly, but of course life (school) gets in the way and recreational activities are unfortunately put aside. With that being said, it's the weekend and I have some time to kill! Over the past couple of months, I've done a little bit of traveling. I picked out all my favorite pictures and posted them below. Ch-ch-check it. 

Paris, France.

Okay, first of all, what the hell Paris? How can a city be so beautiful? And clean? And magical? I mean? Paris was incredible. After spending Thanksgiving in Miami, I flew out to Paris to meet my parents. We decided we'd go for a week to do some exploring/Christmas shopping/touristy things before catching up with the rest of our family in Ireland. We stayed in an apartment right across from Notre Dame and had an incredible view of the city. What an unbelievable experience, let me tell you. We did a lot of Museum wandering, croissant eating (to be more specific, I was the one eating the croissants. No regrets.) and had dinner on the Eiffel tower. We even had dinner at Ralph Lauren's too. I could go on & on about how perfect Paris is, but I think you get the point. 

Paris: Black & White Version.
And then we fecked off to Ireland for Christmas! My homeland. The second we touched down in Dublin, we caught a two hour train ride to Galway to catch up with the first batch of family. Did a lot of shopping, sleeping, eating (me, again. Always.), and drinking in pubs. Three days later, we drove down to Sligo to see good ol' Granny and the rest of the family. Sligo is in the countryside of Ireland, so there is a lot of fields, sheep, and absolutely no wifi. Every time I stumbled into my Granny's kitchen at 9 in the morning to make tea, I'd be faced with a bunch of cows staring into her wide open windows. That never, ever, gets old. You know what else doesn't get old? Granny's cooking. Hot damn. 
Dublin > Galway > Sligo > Dublin, Ireland

Unfortunately, I had to part ways with the parents & the rest of the family in London. It's always weird saying goodbye to my parents. After years of traveling with them, I can never get used to them boarding a flight to the Middle East without me. I was a big wimp and cried like a baby in the middle of Heathrow Airport. I don't get to see them until my graduation (which is a subject I won't even attempt to delve into right now).

After flying back to Miami, I only stayed for New Years Eve (AND JAY Z) before I had to make the wretched 10 hour drive to Atlanta. Alright, it's not that wretched. It sounds worse than it actually is. I have Cat Cudi as co-pilot and we usually spend the drive listening to the Comedy Pandora Station (highly recommend if you're about to endure a long drive), singing along to Beyonce goodies and panicking when I race past a parked policeman behind the trees --no speeding tickets yet, fellas.

National Retail Federation, New York City.

My favorite thing about 2014 so far, is the trip I made to New York City with my friends from school. I only got to spend four days in Atlanta before I had to pack up again and fly over to NYC for the NRF (retail summit). We stayed in Times Square, went to a Broadway show, and even sat 10 feet away from President George W. Bush when he was giving a speech. I had goosebumps when he talked about his 9/11 experience. He was strangely inspiring. And okay, SIDE NOTE, I have this Miami Heat beanie that I wore around the city and I got into so many arguments with Knicks fans when they found me. One of the Sephora security guards jokingly kept telling me he 'couldn't have me in the store with that hat on'. I love a good quarrel about the NBA. 

Miscellaneous: Atlanta, Georgia.
While I loved New York City, I couldn't believe how great it felt touching down in Atlanta. I really missed this city. My ATLiens. Atlanta is a required taste to say the least, but it truly feels like home. I'll be here for the next seven weeks before I (hopefully) get over to Austin, Texas for SXSW. Definitely taking the opportunity to explore this city more and enjoy the remaining months I'm living here. Finally. We're all up to date. Did I bore you? Probably. It was a very rambly post indeed. I really will try to update this blog more often. Was there anything you'd prefer to see on here? Let me know in the comments! Until next time, you beautiful rabbits! x

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